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Staff and Coaches

William Zrnchik, MBA, MNM, Chief Executive Officer

Will Zrnchik was appointed the IPPF’s Chief Executive Officer in May, 2012. He was the Foundation’s Director of Communications from 2004 until he was named Interim CEO in October 2011. Will’s connection to pemphigus and pemphigoid is his commitment to improving the lives of patients and educating physicians on the diseases. Prior to joining the IPPF, he was Sales and Marketing Manager for Air-Tite Insulation, a Northwest Indiana cellulose insulation company, and General Manager for SafeGuard Environmental Services, Inc., a Chicago-area environmental disposal company. Will graduated from Regis University’s School of Humanities & Social Services with a masters in Nonprofit Management in 2012. In 2012, he received the University of Phoenix Alumni Association’s Community Services Award for his work in the nonprofit sector, besting 20,000 members in the Sacramento Valley Chapter. Will lives in Sacramento, CA, with his wife and children.

Vacant Director of Communications

Monique Rivera, Administrative Assistant

Kevin Cruz, Cristo Rey High School Intern


Mark Yale, Senior Peer Health Coach, MMP, West Coast

Gloria Gutierrez, Peer Health Coach, PV, East Coast

Sharon Hickey, Peer Health Coach, PV, East Coast

Mei Ling Moore, Peer Health Coach, PV, West Coast

Jack Sherman, Peer Health Coach, PV, West Coast